Fashion Nägeldesigns Kollektion/Nägel lackieren

Hallo, Lieben. Sie wissen welche Style sind die populär Nägeldesigns?

Fashion Nägeldesigns tauchen immer fast auf. Wenn ich in der Straße die Nägel des Mädchens merke, finde ich so große Überraschung. Verschiedene Stile, verschiedene Farbe, sehr fashion, jede hat ihre eigene Style! Heute möchte ich mit Ihnen es sehr moderne und hübsche Design genießen und die Tippe für die Schritte lackieren!

Sehen, sehr auffällig und süß, farbige Nägel. Rot und hell Blau, gute Idee.

Fashion Nägeldesigns Kollektion

Doch rot, lila, hell blau und gelb! Nette, fashion.

Fashion Nägeldesigns Kollektion

Und Volltonfarbe Nägeldesigns. Das Style ist sehr gefragt bei Mädchen. Populäre Farben sind schwarz, Golden.

schwarze und Golden Nägel  schwarze und Golden Nägel

schwarze und Golden Nägel

grün nägel

Gefällt dir? Show deine eigne Style!

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grün nägel

Favorite Street Style 2012 autumn

I may you now the fashion favorite? I am very attractive of this fashion style in the year 2012 autumn. You must also love these looks.

Fashion street style girls

Here, first,

Purple hat, white shirt, short skirt and camel pink handbag! Very young schöööön and modern mix, you should not miss it.

Fashion street style girls 2012

Then, two,.

Beautiful and our goal are modern, but don’t forget health and warm. Autumn coats are essential. See, these two style coats, chic. One is very female, others is very cool. You love that style? I like the cool coats.

Fashion street style girls


White sweater and green long skirt, perfect combination! Not? I think it is suitable for big girls.

Fashion street style girls

SO, so many, what is your style? Want to enjoy your weekend. :):):)

Bride best moments


If the greatest day arrives, when the most important day arrives, the bridegroom will see his beautiful bride. He will be what expression to do? Nevertheless, he has seen her looks thousand times, yet know any fashion of his girl. But he knew the day when his beautiful bride wonderful wedding dresses puts on that, not more enthusiastic afterwards. And this is the best moment of the bride just so in my opinion.


You did it learn? Can you remember you this best moment? I think you’ll forget not his face. He cried? Or surprised? Or smiled? I didn’t experience it, but when I take the wedding part, I find it that the happy face of the bride and groom surprise.


When I watch these pictures, I feel good. I want to with you enjoy this photos. Perhaps evoke happy memories of you.


Wedding, care not only the fantastic layout, the nice clothes and bride, but also the happy face of the new pair you. This is just love.


Since the engagement November,2011, the famous Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway has confirmed that she is going to marry her fiancé Adam Shulman this weekend in the coastal town of Big Sur, Calif.


The famous designer, Valentino Garavani has just released that Anne Hathaway will walk down the aisle in a Valentino wedding dress. Though no further details of the wedding gown has been told, but we can watch the gallery of the previous designs presented by Valentino. What’s more, the bridesmaid dresses are also designed by Garavani.

Anne Hathaway-wedding-gowns-Valentiono Garavani

The legend designer always make his masterpieces elegant and stunning. There is no doubt that Anne will be very glamorous in the unique wedding gown.

Valentino Garavani wedding gowns

To the wedding ring, Anne Hathaway has just showcased her diamond ring last year, a unique designed by her husband-to-be.


According to the report that new couple will hold a private home wedding. The bride and groom only…

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